PLAY Project​​® 

Bright Connections Occupational Therapy is proud to offer The PLAY Project​​​®.

​​​​The PLAY Project®, which stands for Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters®, is a play-based early intervention program for children on the autism spectrum. Children aged 18 months through 6 years benefit the most from PLAY Project intervention.

The unique caregiver-mediated model, at the heart of The PLAY Project®, puts emphasis on caregiver learning and engagement. Through collaboration with a consultant, caregivers are empowered to support their child's development with highly effective intervention techniques and activities. 

Evidence has shown that participation in PLAY Project intervention produces significant outcomes for both children with autism and their caregivers.
Lauren Vanderlist of Bright Connections Occupational Therapy combines the experience and skill of an occupational therapist with the knowledge and passion of a certified PLAY Project consultant. 

Services are completed in the family's home beginning with an initial visit, which includes assessment of the child's behaviors related to autism spectrum disorder, differences in sensory processing, cognitive, language, and social skill development.
Following the initial visit and assessment, services are provided on a monthly basis.  Each month the family will participate in a 2-3 hour visit at their home. Video taping is used as a tool throughout the PLAY Project intervention. Each visit will include video taping of the caregiver(s) playing with their child as well as the consultant playing with the child. Coaching, with emphasis on specific methods and techniques is provided by the consultant throughout these sessions.

  Within two weeks the family will receive a copy of the videos and an extensive report detailing further techniques, strategies, and suggestions for engaging with their child.  Each video is reviewed and used to further the consultant's understanding of the child and family while also providing the family with invaluable examples of the techniques, strategies and suggestions referenced in the report.  

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