Bright Connection​s Occupational Therapy

   Play is the primary occupation of children. Through play children learn about the world-with all of its moving parts. They learn how they fit into the world; how to engage in the good, avoid the bad, explore the confusing, cope with the frustrating and be a part of the fun. As a pediatric occupational therapist I have observed the need for further development of play skills, engagement and social interaction for children with autism spectrum disorder. I have also observed the impact that underdeveloped play skills can have on a child's sensory processing, self-regulation and behavior. 

In my experience, when play and the development of play skills are used hand-in-hand with sensory processing intervention, the process is more meaningful and the product more easily generalized. It is these foundational skills that support participation in future occupations and mastery of tasks such as getting dressed, using spoons and forks, coloring, drawing, cutting, writing, and beyond. It is these observations and experiences that have led me to establish

​Bright Connections Occupational Therapy. 
I have witnessed the positive impact that the PLAY Project intervention has on children, their caregivers and family quality of life. The PLAY Project® provides concrete methods and techniques to build strong foundational skills on which more complex skills can stand in the future.
I look forward to working with you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or for more information.